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seniors life insurance

Since there are a lot of choices in life insurance online we thought we would break down the options just for seniors. First you have to realize that this is going to cost more money than it would have back ten or twenty years ago. That being said you still have affordable life insurance choices but you are going to have to choose based on a higher premium or a much smaller payout.

Perhaps you don’t need a lot of coverage or payout, maybe just enough to cover funeral expenses, then this is more that affordable for a senior and you can do monthly installments. If you are looking to leave money for a loved one or in your relationship you still have dependants they best option would be a whole life policy so that you and they are always covered. This will be costly so read the fine print and compare online with a service like ours to help you get the best rate.

This brings us to a medical exam; if you are very healthy go with a policy that requires a health exam; this can lower your rates significantly or get you a higher payout. Health questions are always a requirement but not a health exam, so if your health is questionable and you are a senior, it would be best to take a package that has a smaller payout but also will have a lower premium.

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