Life Insurance For Seniors With No Medical Exam

For many people thinking of retiring or having retired, the thought of life insurance is furthest from their mind. For those that do think about it, the thought of a medical is enough to put them off. Well worry no more, you can get life insurance for seniors with no medical exam.

No Medical Exam

Thats right, no exam. Insurers accept that many people do not want to have medical exams and do not like going to the doctors. To counter act the risk, they simply limit the amount of coverage and you pay a premium for the privilege.

If you are healthy and are happy to take a medical exam, then lower rates will of course be provided for you.

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life insurance for seniors with no medical exam

Guaranteed Issue

Moving into retirement or handling retirement is not always easy. There are many things to consider. As part of this process ensure that you have all your financial dealings straightened out and have made a will. Part of this is ensuring that your final expenses are covered, and there are no surprise bills for your loved ones. The easiest way to handle this is through a life insurance policy. Once you take one out, make sure someone knows the details and where it is kept. This makes making a claim very easy in the event that something happens.

Sadly the cost of passing away has to be paid by someone, by taking out life insurance now. You can provide funds to cover the final expenses and leave some to your loved ones to ease any financial problems that they may experience.

It is not an easy subject to talk about. But by providing the funds you will help those you love deal with the difficult time and ensure they are not burdened with unwanted debt in their time of grief.